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Danville and the Surrounding Area
By Robert L. Chenery

Nestled mid-way across Virginia just above North Carolina, very conservative socially and politically, Danville is flavored with a small town atmosphere. Convenient to several major markets, Raleigh-Durham is 1.5 hours south, Roanoke 1.5 hours west, Lynchburg and Charlottesville 1 and 2 hours north. Greensboro's international airport is 45 minutes south and Danville Municipal offers daily flights. The city is bisected north-south by US 29, east-west by US 58 and encompassed by Pittsylvania County. Regional Map

Danville offers a multitude of special reasons to locate here: with our low taxes, pleasant weather, good medical facilities and low crime rate, we have a great place to both live and raise children.

At our 200th Anniversary we marked several historical events. As the last Capitol of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis held his final Cabinet meeting in what is now our Museum of Art ... the famous "Wreck of the Old 97", celebrated in song, occurred here ... Lady Astor, first woman member of Parliament and known for her verbal sparring with Winston Churchill was born here. A section on downtown Main Street known as "Millionaire's Row" constitutes one of the South's finest assemblages of Victorian architecture and stands testimony to our rich heritage.

Today, Danville and nearby Pittsylvania County is a thriving area of about 100,000 people. The primary economic base for over a century-- tobacco and textiles-- is now diversified by Goodyear, Nestle, Corning, Owens Brockway and others.

This influx of companies brings many new families and they find it exceptional: housing dollars stretch further than anywhere else in Virginia. The average home, a 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick ranch with basement, sells for about $94,000 ... with real estate taxes of about $700 a year, most families enjoy a big jump in lifestyle! With our low cost of living, the median family income of just over $31,500 a year goes a long way. **Salary Comparison Chart**

Textiles continue to be important: world famous Dan River Mills, Inc. is headquartered here.

Until recently, each summer up to a million dollars a day changed hands as fast-talking auctioneers and keen-eyed buyers conducted a practice that changed very little since the auction system was started in Danville in 1858. Today tobacco is sold by contract direct to tobacco companies and farmers here are starting to replace the gold leaf with other crops.

Even our weather is pleasant-- the "lee effect" of the mountains shelters us so we do not endure the extremes of other areas and thus enjoy four seasons. Most winters are relatively short and any snowfall quickly disappears.

Area high school graduates represent us at almost every major college and university while local Averett College offers 35 undergraduate (including aviation) and graduate majors. Danville Community College also offers programs ranging from industrial work to college transfer.

Danville Regional Medical Center has a School of Professional Nursing, 350 beds and ministers to the entire medical spectrum with the help of 160 physicians. Helo medevac flights link us to hospitals throughout Virginia and North Carolina-- among them the well known institutions of Duke, Bowman Gray, MCV and UVa.

With over 200 of them, the Danville is known as "The City of Churches." It is said that one should never schedule meetings on Wednesday night because everyone is at church! On a historical note, the worldwide practice of decorating evergreens with handmade symbols of Jesus, known as Chrismon, originated here.

Want sports and recreation? Nearby Buggs Island is one of the best bass lakes on the East Coast ... trout streams bubble throughout the area ... our undeveloped land offers great hunting ... mountains, skiing are just west... Virginia Beach 3.5 hours east ... we have a brand new recreational park that the Danville Braves call home...and the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats , NFL's Charlotte Panthers and NHL's Charlotte Hurricanes are two hours south!

The best part of us, however, is our people, who are the nicest and friendliest you will find ... and they are for real. Patriotism abounds here and people are quite self sufficient. If you have a small town background, you'll find we have values like yours. The only real differences here are the accents and the nice weather!

"Come on down" and find out for yourself why Danville, Virginia is one of America's best kept secrets!

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